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My favorite game, taking people out, where no one else goes. It's unrealistic to organize those tours for individuals and I suggest you gang up with friends to launch those expeditions.

Attention, Those tours are aimed at a special attendance!...

This is not hard core adventures but serious trips, for sure.. They're mostly engaged and, once on your way it might be a real issue to get back to civilisation rapidly. Those are barely examples of what can be done. Be creative and dare, ...

Soyez créatifs, osez, ...

Logistics are essential and bringing some comfort in the bush requires heavy logistics.

Few technical sections, the difficulty comes mainly from remoteness. you won't be racing and rythm is totally human. To help you, I stuck arbitrary levels to each itinerary. However I had totally unfit and unexperienced guys enjoying 4 red lezards, three weeks long.


You're on vacation and we will do our best to ease the burden of life. you carry only your day pack and our team take care of all the logistics. Alimentation is treated with care and we try to serve balanced diets for active people. All you have left to do is enjoy the pleasure of exploration, sharing with open hearted people, and count the stars, … You could see what very few foreigners get the chance to grab. An unique occasion to cross territories totally free of the influences of tourism development. I will say different from what our colleagues offer. Our idea is to go further, wilder,…

the best option is to gather a group of friends and head out together Prefered dates are quite compulsory for evident climatic reasons if you're by yourself, you can always try to contact me, I manage to group individuals, once in a while Of course there are many more options to combine all the local spots; Those are just the most "Classics", ...



If you want more ideas or need infos, write me! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Included : Full board for the whole trip.
All transfers, land, sea and river transportation, excluding air fares.
All camping gear, , ...
English speaking guide.
Park entrances, guides, porters,...

Not included : Extra drinks (we serve complimentary, purified or filtered watter, juices, syrups, and bush cocktails)
Sleeping bag, headlight, canteen, …
Personnal expenses, tips and medical insurance.






March-November : Trek/River descent, Isalo-Onilahy-Tulear.
Madamax - Adventures

15 jours pour la boucle Tuléar-Tuléar. 8 jours de trek entre les mesas de grés, du Sud de l’Isalo jusqu'à Benenitra, bourgade importante sur les rives de l’Onilahy.
De la, nous embarquons pour 4 jours de descente sur ce long fleuve tranquille et regardons défiler les paysages de notre bateau.
Pour vous récompenser, on vous laisse quand meme deux jours à la plage d'Anakao avant de repartir.
Un trip très nature au travers d’une région rarement parcourue.


4 personnes minimum
17 Jours Tana-Tana
A partir de 70 euros/j
12 months/year : Trek Andringitra-Ivohibe
Madamax - Adventures

15 days Tana-Tana. The core of this trip is a 9 days trek through Andringitra-Tsaranoro-Ivohibe. The best mountains in Madagascar. A must for trekers on fairly easy ground. Le reste du séjour se passe plutôt en transferts et petites excursions sur l’axe Tana-Tulear, avec, évidement un final plage !

3 persons minimum From 65 euros/d/p
April-December : Cruise Majunga-Nosy Be
Madamax - Adventures

15 days Tana-Nosy Be. I love that one. A great navigation along the north-west coasts,far from the tracks. Deserts and deep bays, lonely islets, a good representation of what paradise should look like. Many activities and excursions, visit of Anjohibe caves, Doany Manja, Moramba bay, Radama islands, ....

Minimum 6 persons From 130 euros/d/p
May-Oct : Makay - Mangoky
Madamax - Adventures

17 days Tana-Tana. Explore the most mysterious range in Madagascar. Makay is truly remote and desert. Very far from tourist attractions but possibly the most spectacular land I know of. 2 days of 4 WD; 6 days on foot, 8 days on the Mangoky and a day in Ifaty.

Minimum 5 persons From 75 euros/d/p
August-November : Traverse of Tsaratanana.
Madamax - Adventures

15 days of trek pretty much cut off from the rest of the world; A crossing of the highest mountain in the country (2876m), from Ambanja to Ambilobe. Unforgettable trails and a surprising diversity of landscapes for this summit seldomely reached.

Minimum 5 persons From 80 euros/d/p
September-November : Sakaleona
Madamax - Adventures

14 days for green lovers ! Most of the trip is in dense tropical rain forest and we get a chance to visit the Sakaleona waterfalls (300m, the highest ones around), days away from nowhere. You will cross half of the isald from Ambositra to the east coast in remote and beautiful vegetation

Minimum 5 persons From 50 euros/d/p
September-December : Cruise Antongil-Masoala
Madamax - Adventures

14 days Tana-Tana. 10 days of navigation over some of the nicest lagoons of Madagascar. The Masoala forest(biosphere reserve) pours in the Indian Ocean and blues are too intense. The greenest and possibly the most protected forest.

Minimum 6 persons From 110 euros/d/p
September-December : Trek and Raft from Perinet to Brickavil
Madamax - Adventures

10 days Tana-Tana. 4 days of trek in and through Perinet National Park, and 4 days rafting on the Sahatandra. A superb venture starting in Babakoto country to end up among Bamboo lemurs. great rapids to enjoy for all.

Minimum 4 persons From 75 euros/d/p

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J'essayerais de coucher sur papier (virtuel) des récits d'expédition , des séries de documents, sur des thèmes tres précis, des exemples de circuits, enfin des docs un peu trop lourds pour être consultés en ligne.

A ce jour, je n'ai pas encore grand chose à vous offrir, mais il faut bien commencer quelque part.

Une quinzaine de pages, 40 photos, le récit de notre traversée des montagnes du Nord, le Tsaratanana dans tous ses états, 28 jours de marche loin des pistes, d'Ambanja à Andapa, une bien belle aventure.
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