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Crocos de Tana
Brand New,The First Company totally dedicated to Malagasy rivers
Rain season on the Andromba, west of Tana.

Bientôt plus de douze ans de Mada et ce n'est qu'en 2003 que je trouve le courage de me lancer dans cette nouvelle aventure.
Toutes ces années, j'aurais passé de grands et longs moments à naviguer sur les fleuves et les rivières malgaches et pourtant il m'aura fallu tout ce temps-là avant de franchir le pas et de décider d'y consacrer toute mon énergie.

Already twelve years in Mada and I waited till 2003 to launch this new adventure.
All those years, I've had great and long occasions to float all around Madagascar and, still, it took all that time before
I decide to move on and concentrate all my energy.

Proud of an extensive knowledge of this land, I can organize descents and expeditions according to your requirements
anywhere in Mada.
Just set the limits and style of boating you're looking for, I'll do the rest.
I wanted to specialize in Imerina and Betsileo area (most of the highlands). The 2002 crisis exposed the fragility of our touristic products and I wanted originally offer tours for locals and residents. That means mellow sections for general audience, including kids, elders, families, drunkards, ...
I wasn't dead sure that the concept would function but immediate and positive responses from the first clients were so enthousiastic that I started dreaming of a full cat fleet cruising all around.
So, I really explored the area extensively and the immediate perimeter of Tana has been integrally rafted for most sections. I really enjoyed those rivers for their peacefulness at a stone throw from downtown Tana.
They offer great hours of beautiful country life far away from modern urban problems.


The Onibe, deep in the eastern forest

It's true that I like long expeditions better, rivers who swallow you for weeks. Unfortunately candidats for this kind of expedition are rare.

I hope it will develop because this country offers a few exceptionnal possibilities. Remoteness of those descents give a true adventure dimension to even the easiest of them all. I dream of clients launching the first integral descent of the Matsiatra, the Sofia, the Maningory, names to dream of wilderness and beauty.

Up to now, I don't have too much to show you but I hope to detail all the rivers i know, region after region, expedition after adventure, ...

In the mean time, you can have a look at the standard pages of Les Lezards de Tana, under "traveling" , River descent, et "rafting"

I started to do a little something for local waters and you can already peek at Tana's waters!


Rivers of Madagascar:




Refonte du site Madamax

Le site Madamax est en train de subir son lifting decennal!

Ca va déchirer grave!
+ d'infos, +de photos, +d'interactivité,
toute l'architecture repensée pour vous fournir une navigation tip top...

Y'a plus qu'a corriger les bugs et continuer les mises à jours; spécialement la section des crocos et la webcam, ...

En attendant, j'espère que vous apprécierez ce nouveau look.

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